MASSAGE Products

Massasge products

the importance of massage

Massage has long been respected for the powerful therapeutic effects it can have on soft tissues. Two forms of bodywork in particular, myofascial release and trigger point therapy. These can be extraordinarily effective at relieving deeply-held chronic pain problems originating in soft tissues.

what prime kinetix offers

Prime Kinetix provides a wide range of massage products designed to treat the most common muscle tension problems. Products include:
MyoBalls® – Perfect for massaging extremities.
MyoStim® – Wireless electric stimulating massaager.
Power Palm® – Hand-worn electric massager.


360° of massaging pressure for your extremities and offer the most advanced foam rolling massage experience on the market.


The most advanced and cutting-edge technology to help alleviate neuro-muscular pain. Available in two different sizes.

Power palm wireless EMS

Bringing the power of electric massage to the palm of your hand. Prime Kinetix offers the latest innovative therapy tools.

More information EMS (Electric muscle stimulation)

Electric Muscle Stimulation is an effective exercise performed through light electrical impulses to contract muscles and relax them. However, the device used to accomplish this thing is known as Electric Muscle Stimulator. In this exercise, your muscles become stable and relaxed as it increases blood flow level. EMS is of great importance for athletes and those who do strenuous workouts.

To contract muscles, EMS uses electrical signals to stimulate muscle fibres. Compared to other treatments, Electrostimulation is more beneficial for fast recovery, thus enhancing muscle strength and health. You can get an EMS massager to do this on your own without going to the therapist.