Caring For Your Posture Medic

Posture Medic

Every Body Needs One How to care point:

Posture Medic to is for your device, simply use an alcohol wipe to clean. How to care Posture Medic does not like extreme temperature so please do not leave it out in the heat or cold. So store in moderate climate conditions. Posture Medic is made with 100% natural rubber latex and fabric material. Posture Medic is not a toy so please keep away from pets and small children. One size Posture Medic does NOT fit all so please do NOT pass around your device this will cause breakage.

How to Care | Power Palm

Caring for your Power Palm is very easy to care for, just clean with alcohol wipes. So If your Power Palm gets really messy you can also remove the battery pack and hand washes with cold water then hang to dry.

Please do not soak in water as this may damage your device.

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Power Palm Gloves

PCore Brace

PCore is made with lightweight mesh, elastic, and velcro. This material makes it easy to care for your PCore. Remove the rigid panels these are the white insert that makes the PCore hold its shape.

Then Place the PCore in warm water with mild soap, hand washes rinse then hang to dry.

BaxMax Brace

How to care Easy Clean + Fast Dry



Hand washes or throw in the machine and quick air-dry material.