Every day, your spine gets compressed with the natural forces of gravity. Under normal circumstances throughout the day, you sit, stand, then sit again changing the angles and amount of compression that is forced onto the lumbar.

However, if you stand for a long period of time (say for several hours at work) the amount of compression that is forced on the lumbar is extreme and can cause excessive force on the lumbar. This can cause the spine to either to have too much curve (a condition called Lordosis) or have too much force placed on the discs. Much like standing, the same effect can also happen for sitting in one place for long periods. In the case where a person has an acute disc issue, such as a bulged disc, the additional force can cause additional pain and exacerbate the problem.


Made of revolutionary breathable mesh material, the PCore is the most comfortable and dynamic lower back/core belt available on the market.

BAXMAX rigid back support

The BaxMAX is lightweight and comfortable,and provides you the exact amount of support you need to keep your lower back feeling great.

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Sometimes, we oversee the pain we experience. This results in the worsening of our condition. And thus, the time for an easy cure goes away. The braces work best when the initial pain begins to bother you. However, in the case of excessive pain, the doctors suggest better curing methods. In essence, many health professionals still prescribe braces for back pain in the worst scenario.

This is due to many factors. Sometimes, the patient is unable to withstand the aftereffects of surgery due to old age. And this results in him being more indulged in pain than before. Thus, doctors prescribe the use of braces. The best part of them is the support they bring. It carries away the pain more effectively alongside giving a tolerable effect to the patient.