#1 Clinically Recommended Posture Support in the USA


Our PostureMedic® support system is specifically designed to help overcome poor posture habits and retrain the body to stand up straight with our easy Stretch-Strengthen-Stabilize program.

Using the PostureMedic for our short 10 minute per day program improves shoulder range of motion and upper back strength. This activates the correct muscles of the upper back to start doing their job and stabilize the spine in good posture. Then, by wearing the PostureMedic as a dynamic support, the body is retrained to maintain the ideal position: head up, open chest, shoulders, back and down. Feel the difference immediately of having good posture with the PostureMedic.

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Best Dynamic Low Back Brace

PCore Back Support

WHAT IS PCORE? The Pcore is an innovative and versatile support belt that’s designed for everyday use which helps reduce lower back pain. It is made of breathable mesh materials and is extremely comfortable to wear both, on top or underneath clothing. The Pcore provides an adjustable and removable ice pack and magnetic heat support pad that heats up naturally as a response to the body’s natural temperature. The pads can be used for any area of the body. Whether the back muscles need to be heated to relax, iced to treat inflammation, or simply supported to relieve stress, The Pcore fills the need. The lower back support that offers interchangeable therapies and the ability to aid in treatment of other areas of the body.

Available in sizes Small, Medium, Large, XL, and 2XL (see sizing chart in the catalog to determine the size(s) you need)

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Recommended by Physicians


What is CerviPedic? The CerviPedic Neck-Relief® M2 is clinically proven to help with muscular tension headaches, neck and shoulder pain, muscle fatigue, neck stiffness and neck spasms. Users already suffering from degenerative disc disease, pinched nerves and herniated disc have reported that proper cervical spine alignment while using the Cervipedic has effectively helped them with their symptoms.

Its organically patented shape comfortably cradles the head and neck while gently promoting a natural cervical spinal curve. Cervipedic Neck-Relief® is also adjustable, you can choose the exact level of neck support you need.

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