Testimonials PostureMedic

Testimonials PostureMedic

Let me tell you about your product. As a chiropractic physician, I see many people with forwarding head posture and forward curvature of the shoulders. Which cause pain, restrictions in neck and shoulder movement/flexibility, and reduced breathing and lung capacity.

The digital age, with cell phones and computers are usually to blame. In fact, we have identified a new diagnosis, called “text neck”, which is the disease manifestation of these symptoms.

I do not usually sell products to patients. I don’t have an office- usually do coverage work for other offices. When I rarely purchase products it is for friends and family at zero markup- I buy and sell at cost. But no profit- just reimbursement. So I have nothing to gain by writing this review. 2 months ago I went to visit a friend who had been recovering from a serious injury and she had severe symptoms as described above.

Her shoulders were rolled forward, neck/chin jutting forward, she could hardly reach behind her back and she had difficulty taking a deep breath. Not to mention the pain she had. I leaned her my Posture Medic (which I had barely used, even though I was starting to experience restricted movement and pain in my own neck, from texting (do as I say, not as I do-shame on me)). Well, I just returned to see her the other day and WHAT A DIFFERENCE!

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Her shoulders and neck are back, head in line with her shoulders, breathing easier and she has 80% more movement and flexibility in her shoulder- she can now reach behind her back. She lives with her parents and teenage children. Everyone in the house alternates with the 2 that she purchased! But now she bought 3 more! Again, I make no profit from this, except for the awakening that, when you use this daily, as she does, IT WORKS. So now, doctor, it is time for you to do as you say (note to self). I started 2 days ago. And I will do it every day, for great results.

Sincerely, Tina D. Pearl, D.C.

When I found out that I had a frozen shoulder, the first doctor recommended surgery, but I do not want to be cut on, so I opted for the rehab route. Posture Medic has been an instrumental tool in helping me to rehab my frozen shoulder, and I now have full range of motion and strength again! This is such a great product, I actually look forward to doing my rehab stretches and exercises every day! – Elizabeth

Adding testimonialsI wear Posture Medic at work when I know I will be hunched over my computer for a long period of time. It helps me maintain “perfect” posture while I’m typing which helps me avoid that pain I usually get right between my shoulder blades. An added benefit of Posture Medic, while doing a long run the other day, I noticed that I was staying more upright, shoulders back so it is helping my posture even when I am not wearing it. Better posture = better running form = better & more comfortable running.

– Kris A. (attorney, marathon runner)

It’s not often I write reviews for products – I usually save my comments as a testimonials for products that are really good or really bad. I can’t speak highly enough of the Posture-Medic brace. It is absolutely wonderful – it has helped my slumped over posture immensely. The sizing chart placed me right on the border between large and medium. I went with a large as it lets me wear it for longer periods of time without undue discomfort. If your right on the border between sizes I would recommend going with the larger size, which will let you wear it longer. – Joe D’Aloisio

 I looked at many back braces/bras for helping poor posture back aches and read all the reviews and … By Southern Girl on March 13, 2016

I looked at many back braces/bras for helping poor posture back aches and read all the reviews and decided on this one. I like it and it does what it says it will do especially if you follow the directions.

This is a wonderful product for anyone looking to supplement a strengthening program… By Sara Sheldahl French on December 11, 2015

I am an occupational therapist who was first introduced to the PostureMedic product at an Occupational Therapy conference. So this is a wonderful product for anyone looking to supplement a strengthening program aimed at improving posture. The product comes with a great regime of stretches, exercises, and wearing schedule aimed at strengthening and balancing out musculature of the back and chest. I wear my PostureMedic under a sweater when I am working to get the supportive benefits without it being visible. It is very comfortable and I definitely notice and feel a difference in my posture when I am wearing it. I have been recommending this product to friends and family for several years now as a great addition to a strengthening program.

 Has helped shoulder pain from sitting at computer all day!!! By Amazon Customer on December 1, 2016

Am adding testimonialsI had horrible shoulder pain to the point where I couldn’t sleep at night. Me sit at a computer all day for work, which was causing my shoulder pain. I use this now whenever on the computer, and within a week, the pain had almost completely subsided. Also, the exercises/stretches provided with the product have really helped – I’ve recommended to everyone at work as well as others that I know sit in front of a computer all day. My posture has improved and my shoulder pain has disappeared!

Love it! By Kimberly Troyon October 28, 2016

I am adding testimonials Love it!!! My Chiropractor suggested it and its been a great added benefit to my treatment…just a few minutes a day!

Myoballs Testimonials

RELIEVES PAIN Testimonials! By GEC on May 3, 2016

The Foam Roller Balls massage you in ways you can’t do by yourself. There are 7 foam rubber balls attached to a resistance band that allows you to use the massager on your arms, legs, feet, etc. I am very impressed at how well made this massager is. Used it on my feet after a long day and it really helped with the pain. I am also very pleased with the instruction booklet that comes with it, as well. It gives great details outlining all parts of the body that could benefit from massage and how to actually do it. When not in use, I plan to keep my massager in the nice box it comes with the instruction booklet. Very useful for someone with acute or chronic pain.

Work amazingly well!! By MDL on May 3, 2016

These work amazingly well! I typically use a foam roller (for both pre & post crossfit and running workouts), but it can be awkward to really get legs and especially my shoulder. I’ve tried a hard ball, which is somewhat effective, but also awkward.

I found that these worked GREAT for both and I felt relief (release in tension/soreness) right away. I am very impressed with this design! Although, this product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review, I take my reviews very seriously. These are definitely added to my stretching routine!

Five Stars By Pamelaon November 8, 2016

Really helps knock out knots.

Great for all over. By Frances Barfield on May 13, 2016

I really like this roller ball massager. It comes with an easy to understand instruction booklet, and is pretty easy to use. So it can be used to massage just about every part of your body. I recommend these foam roller balls to everyone who has muscle or body aches and pains

Foam Roller Balls Testimonials History By Gerard Demers on May 11, 2016

These feel so much better than I was expecting. So, At first, I was concerned that it only targets your limbs, but even holding it against the back of your neck or back feels amazing also.

Great Roller Balls By NIck on April 29, 2016

These are great roller balls. Therefore they are very well made and work great. Massage and relieve pain very well. They come with a booklet that has a lot of different massages that you can do with them. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for quality roller balls.

Feels so good Testimonials By P.C.S on April 28, 2016

Oh my God, these feel so good. I have a shoulder that acts up at times and its almost always sore even if at full strength. I tried the MyoBalls Pro7 Foam Roller Balls on my shoulder as it said to do in the instructions – let me also say how nice it is that this comes with a nice big instruction book instead of a PDF link or with nothing like many products these days do. Testimonial my shoulder felt great after even though I think my shoulders are a bit too big for this – it barely fit but it did and it felt great. Highly recommended for self massage even if you aren’t in pain.


By far the best lower back support on the market. The heat component is crazy effective, and have never felt anything like it. Who know that tourmaline stone could be so effective. Therefore I love that I can take out the heat pad as well and use it in the gym for support!

– As prep for fasted cardio… I never leave home without my Pcore waist trainer! Works amazingly well.

– Thanks to the Pcore, I can see my abs! My Pcore has helped me with core activation training and waistline reduction! I love how the Pcore can be worn with the attachable cooling unit after a hard days workout or the heating unit to keep my back warm and relief from sore back muscles.

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