Back Brace

PostureMedic by PrimeKinetix is much more than just another back brace. Wearing PostureMedic for just 10 minutes a day provides proven results for all types of posture problems and treats Scoliosis, Kyphosis, slouching, poor posture, and many other conditions- best of all, PostureMedic is chiropractor-approved.

Back Brace With Ice Pack

An old fashioned back brace with ice pack provided some relief, but today's new technology is more efficient in relieving pain. PCore Ice-Heat Support from PrimeKinetix treats lower back pain and core stiffness, lordosis, and protruding abdomen issues using the newest technology available in hot-ice treatment.

Back Pain Treatment Options

When checking into back pain treatment options, take a closer look at MyoStim from PrimeKinetix. The MyoStim system offers immediate back pain relief with wireless electric massage that can be customized to meet your needs. You'll find more information on MyoStim and other pain relief options on our site.

Chiropractor Recommended Posture Brace

PrimeKinetix' PostureMedic is not just a Chiropractor recommended posture brace, it's also very comfortable to wear and provides results when worn for just ten minutes each day. No other posture corrector works like PostureMedic because nothing offers the same superior design that is proven to work for posture issues.

Chronic Back Spasms

Use the MyoStim system from PrimeKinetix to relieve chronic back spasms and pain. it's easy and affordable to get immediate relief from back spasms using electric massage stimulation technology that eliminates invasive surgery and can help you treat pain without the use of prescription medications.

Lower Back Pain Treatment at Home

You're searching for an affordable lower back treatment at home. You've come to the right place- PrimeKinetix has a pain-relieving treatment you can use in the comfort of your own home, called MyoStim. Wireless electric massage technology is the newest treatment for low back pain and provides immediate relief from pain.

Magnetic Back Brace

Using a magnetic back brace for posture support can provide superior benefits than out-dated technology. PrimeKinetix has an affordable solution to posture problems called PostureMedic, the premier posture correction system of its kind. You'll find additional information on our site; feel free to call us with your questions.

Posture Brace Support

Not all posture brace support products are alike- in fact, many of them have not been approved by the medical community for effectiveness or safety. If you're searching for a posture corrector that will work instantly, feel comfortable for all-day wear, and give you exceptional support, take a closer look at PostureMedic by PrimeKinetix

Posture Corrector

You're looking for a posture corrector that is comfortable to wear and will provide immediate results. Take a closer look at PrimeKinetix' PostureMedic for instant support. It's no secret that improving your posture can also improve many other aspects of your health- our posture corrector will provide exceptional support.

Scoliosis Treatment Options

As you look into Scoliosis treatment options, consider PrimeKinetix for posture support and rehabilitation. Our Posturemedic posture Correction technology makes treatment comfortable, and can be worn anywhere at anytime providing immediate results. Find out more when you browse the resources on our site.