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Secrets of Staying Healthy and Pain-Free – Enjoy Maximum Benefits with Least Effort

Therapy Tools

Pinch yourself and bite your palm. Would you do that? No? Right! 

But when you cannot purposely hurt yourself, why do you keep hurting your body by opting for painkillers instead of treating the pain’s root cause? Don’t forget, painkillers just suppress and muffle the pain signals going towards the brain, and they never target or treat the source of the pain.

Moreover, painkillers are packed with enormous side effects, and of course, you cannot take these medicines every day. Especially if you are a jock or are involved in any other physical activities that cause muscle spasm and pain, you definitely need to opt for other pain-relieving methods. 

Would you like to know some of the easiest yet fun ways to target and treat the pain without taking harmful medicines? We’ve got multiple feasible yet affordable solutions for you.

Painkillers Or Therapy – Which One and Why?

Painkillers, either NSAIDS, Opioids, or others, can cause potential side effects if taken for a long period of time. They can cause constipation, nausea, vomiting, sedation, clouded thinking, and drowsiness. They can even slow down breathing if taken for too long.

Conversely, therapies work externally and target the exact pain point to relieve the pain in the best possible way.  The tools used in pain-relieving therapies are designed under expert medical and technological supervision to assure pain relief without any exaggeration and side effects.

Wondering where to get such tools that can help to treat body pains in the most reliable yet fun way? PrimeKinetix is your ultimate spot that offers plenty of pain relief and support products so you can pursue and achieve your dreams without any restrictive pain.

Therapy Tools by PrimeKinetix

Some of the top-selling pain relief and support products offered by Prime Kinetix are;

1.     MyoStim – Alleviates Neuromuscular Pain

The MyoStim is a small and lightweight patch-like device that features advanced cutting-edge technology that can help alleviate even some severe neuro-muscular pain. It uses Electric Muscle Stimulation and provides an electric massage stimulated at 1-100Hz.

The therapy tool uses seven different muscle massage programs and a 20 minute session that suffices the need to activate or relax the muscles. Furthermore, you can choose your sweet spot from 15 levels of intensity to enjoy an electric massage anywhere, any time.

2.   Power Palm – Relaxes Palm Muscle Spasm

Some diseases like arthritis and gout majorly attack the hand muscles, bones, and joints, leaving the patient with severe mobility pains. Also, some physical exercises and training can cause muscle spasms. This is where Power Palm jumps in as a spell caster.

It works by generating Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to the palm to soothe tired and aching muscles. This mini glove-like device runs on a lithium-ion battery and offers four different therapy modes. It’s the ultimate best choice for sore muscles as it relieves, relaxes, and recovers.

Back Support Tools by PrimeKinetix

The back is the strongest yet most sensitive part of the human body. It maintains balance, provides strength, maintains posture, and absorbs all the force exerted by exaggerated physical activities.

The truth is, it’s also more prone to aches, strains, spasms, and stiffness to alarm the excessive workload. Your back does a lot for you, and you can return it a little good by opting for back support to keep everything in place.

Here are some hot-selling Back Support Items by PrimeKinetix that can serve the purpose for sure.

1.     BaxMax – For a Much-Needed Back Support

Any kind of physical strain, either general body weakness, physical activities, or excessive workload, directly affects the back. Probably the most attention-demanding part of the body is the back. Now you can soothe your back with BaxMax.

It’s a typical belly belt that works as an electronic muscle stimulator and uses elastic for required tightening around the waist. It creates compression to stabilize and support the core potentially. These back braces are efficient enough to treat acute lumbar issues like herniated disc and sciatica. They are the best friend for a healing period for sure.

2.     PCore – Magnetic Heat Lower Back Support

Another great support for your back – PCore basically works as a pain relief and exceeds the benefits as it’s also used for Core Activation Training, Waistline Reduction, and Posture Improvement. Long story cut short, PCore can be your best work-time buddy.

PCore is designed with a high-quality mesh fabric to offer breathability on long-time wear. It uses magnetic heat to soothe the back. It’s extremely lightweight, reliable, efficient, and comfortable. This dynamic lower back/core belt treats and heals without forcing you to bear anything.  

What Else Can You Do to Stay Fit, Healthy, and Pain-Free?

Sure, the products help, support, target, and treat, but it’s always better to prevent rather than treat. Most of the physical strains are caused by poor body posture and negligence that we do with our bodies in routine life.

It’s never too late, and you can still improve a lot by opting for the right body posture. Moreover, the healing time of the products mentioned above can be shortened by improving your body posture.

How to Fix Posture?

Follow some tips to fix your body posture. You can opt for posture correcting products that are widely available in the market, but it’s not possible without improving your lifestyle.

Here’s what you can do to improve your body posture;

●    Fix Your Working Environment

First things first, set your working desk correctly. Buy a nice and ergonomic chair that comes with the potential to support your back. Putting a pillow or a cushion behind the back can also support the spine keeping you away from back strain. Never sit in a position where your knees are higher than the waist.

●    Retrain Correct Posture

Maybe you are also among the ones that need to retrain their bodies for the right posture. If yes, you can take help from the books, the internet (only authentic sources), and a personal trainer to learn and practice how to get back the right posture.

●    Practice Lower Back Exercises

A good posture is a result of maintaining healthy sitting habits along with the way you use your spine and back for daily activities like lifting, pushing, bending, pulling, and squatting. You can get maximum benefit by considering different activities and exercises that involve the lower back.

Our Takeaway

Our muscles and bones are the elements that describe our physical health till our last breaths. They do a lot for you, and in return, you can do a little for them by providing a much-needed support. There are many solutions to aid the problem of back support and one among them is choosing the right Therapy Tools and Back Support Tools for Pain Relief.

You can choose Therapy Tools from the extensive range of Prime Kinetix Products to find the best support.

Staying Healthy and Pain-Free shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve! 

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