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massage Mississauga

massage Mississauga

Whether it is an auto rehabilitation, musculoskeletal injury, sports injury, or a work injury, we help our clients overcome the pain and attain a safe and speedy recovery with our massage in Mississauga. At My Health, we help patients with advanced treatments and therapies like lymphatic drainage, laser therapy, cryotherapy, orthotics/braces, etc.

Common injuries that can improve with massage therapy

Regardless of your lifestyle, injuries are inevitable. Massage therapy can promote healing by breaking down the scar tissue and by lengthening the tissues. Here is a list of injuries that can improve with massage therapy:

  • Lower back pain - Working for several hours a day at a desk job can add pressure to your spine and back muscles and lead to pain and inflammation. Massage therapy improves posture and heals the strained muscles in the back, neck, and shoulders.
  • Repetitive strain injury - This can be a problem in individuals that lead a sedentary lifestyle. Massage therapy can prevent injuries in soft tissues of your neck, back, hands, shoulders, and arms, and relaxes the muscles in the overused body parts.
  • Soft tissue injuries - This includes muscle strains, tendon injuries, myofascial tissue injuries, and ligament sprains that can occur from exercise, playing sports, or from engaging in strenuous physical activity. Massage therapy helps reduce swelling in affected areas and promotes healing.

We offer the best massage in Mississauga that is highly effective in healing injuries and pain-related ailments. We also help patients manage conditions like muscle-related knee pain, tennis elbow, and rotator cuff tear with massage therapy.

Massage therapy for musculoskeletal problems

Musculoskeletal pain can occur in the form of back pain, muscle pain, joint pain, etc. and severely affects those with fibromyalgia and "tunnel syndromes," Massage therapy is a holistic medicine therapy that offers mental relaxation and helps reduce pain.

Massage therapy relaxes and soothes the inflamed, tight, and sore bones, joints, muscles, tendons, nerves, and ligaments. It helps improve overall health, mental energy, muscle pain, and improves pain in patients.

Benefits of massage therapy

Besides the fact that massage feels amazing, there are a variety of other important health benefits that comes with massage therapy. Some of them include:

  1. Increases blood circulation & promotes healing - Massage therapy increases blood circulation in injured areas and promotes healing. Massage therapy promotes the free and unobstructed flow of blood in and out of our cells, damaged organs, and muscle tissue. It helps heal muscle soreness and promotes physical wellness.
  2. Reduces cortisol & boosts your immune system - Massage therapy prevents the excess secretion of the hormone cortisol in the human body and thereby reduces stress and boosts immunity.
  3. Decreases stress, anxiety & depression - Massage plays an integral role in improving mental health and wellness in individuals. It alleviates stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues and offers peace of mind and emotional stability.

Reach out to us at 905-593-5000 or visit to schedule an appointment for a massage in Mississauga. At My Health, we offer the best massage therapy that helps improve blood circulation, heals sore muscles, and boosts your immune system.

massage Mississauga

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