Magnetic Back Brace

Back pain and stiffness affect millions of people. When your back aches, it is difficult to stand, walk, bend over, and sit. Medications only go so far to ease the discomfort. One of the best ways to reduce pain and increase mobility is with a magnetic back brace. Our Pcore Magnetic Heat Lower Back Support is a fantastic way to get relief from pain. The brace treats a variety of back problems such as lower back pain, tightness and stiffness, lordosis, poor posture, protruding abdomen, and a weak core.

How Does the Magnetic Back Brace Work?

The Pcore is one of the best back brace devices on the market because it combines support with optional heating or cooling for immediate pain relief. The magnetic back brace uses a self-heating magnetic support pad that you can use anywhere on the body. You can use the pad for pain relief and increase circulation. We offer the brace in 5 sizes to ensure proper fit. It is easy to use, and you can use it with the PostureMedic to improve posture. The brace secures using a dual Velcro fastener to keep it in place.

Benefits of the Pcore Support

The Pcore is lightweight and easy to wear. You can wear Pcore underneath your clothing without added bulk. If you prefer, you may wear it over your clothing. The Pcore provides level 1 lower back support for lifting and other activities. It provides core activation training and helps to improve posture. You can also use the Pcore for waistline reduction. You can add the heating pad or the ice pad, depending on your specific needs and preferences. We make the Pcore with breathable, lightweight mesh with four semi-rigid panels and a removable rigid support plate, so it is incredibly versatile. It is the only back support system you will need.

Is the Magnetic Back Brace Effective?

The Pcore is extremely effective for many types of back pain and discomfort. It relieves the symptoms of back pain and soreness quickly and easily. You can use the brace to help you with safe lifting as well. Insert the heat or ice pad depending on your needs and the recommendations of your doctor. The device is lightweight and comfortable. Because it is made primarily of mesh, it doesn’t get hot like other braces. You can use it anywhere, over or under your clothes. You will immediately feel the benefits of the brace as soon as you wear the device.

Buy the Best Magnetic Back Brace on the Market

When you suffer from back discomfort, don’t settle for cheap imitations. At PrimeKinetix, we offer a line of innovative products that we developed using years of expertise and innovation. The Pcore Magnetic Heat Back Belt is one of our latest additions to our selection of high-quality products. We are proud to offer the best and most advanced products of their type in the world. Read the many testimonials from our happy customers. Visit our online store to purchase a Pcore with our secure shopping cart.



Magnetic Back Brace
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