The Pcore Magnetic Heat Lower Back Support is an amazing tool that can be worn under or over the clothes for maximum result:

– Pain Relief
– Level 1 Lower Back Support
– Core Activation Training
– Waistline Reduction
– Improved Posture

The Pcore  is extremely lightweight, comfortable, and effective to use. So made of revolutionary breathable mesh material, the Pcore is the most comfortable and dynamic lower back/core belt available on the market today.

Therefore the Pcore now includes a removable/adjustable self-heating magnetic support pad that can be used anywhere on the body for pain relief and increased circulation.

  • Use and wear anywhere
  • Immediate Results
  • Simple to use
  • 5 sizes available
  • Use with or without PostureMedic for amazing posture


Use with PostureMedic for even more amazing results! 

  • Removable Rigid Support Plate with 6 magnets
  • Breathable Lightweight Mesh with 4 semi-rigid supPcore - Learn moreport panels
  • Removable / Adjustable Magnetic Tourmaline Heating Pad That can be replaced with an Ice Pack
  • Dual Support Straps
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

So Buy now compulsory to buy. Therefore all are using this product. So hurry up to buy and if you not to buy it. Why are you not buying this product.