Lower Back Pain Miami

Lower Back Pain Miami
Lower Back Pain Miami With four flagship products, Primekinetix is a leader in manufacturing and selling the most advanced pain relief tools. PCore magnetic heat back belt offers support and relieves lower back pain. PCore is an affordable solution for lower back pain in Miami with an array of attractive features. Our small back brace for pain helps treat conditions like degenerative disc disease, vertebral compression fractures, etc.

Why PCore is the best device for back pain?

PCore is a lower back brace that uses a magnetic heating pad to relieve pain. It is an effective treatment for several spinal conditions and provides excellent support for the spine as it recovers after an injury or surgery. So It offers training to activate the core and improves your posture. It is extremely lightweight, comfortable on the skin, and can be worn under dresses and shirts seamlessly. We use a revolutionary breathable mesh material to make our PCore, which makes it allergy-free on all skin types.

Lower Back Pain Miami

Pcore comes with a removable/adjustable heating support pad, which you can use for pain relief in different parts of the body. The magnetic heating pad increases blood circulation and offers instant back pain relief. Besides, PCore is the only Miami lumbar back support that comes with dual support straps, a removable heating pad, which you can replace with an ice pack.

Benefits of using a back brace for lower back pain

A back brace not only helps reduce muscle tension and lower back pain but also helps improve posture. So some of the benefits of using a back brace for pain include:
  • It promotes healing in spinal structures, and increases function in performing daily activity
  • Offers additional support for the back and adds stability, especially to the weakened spinal structures, and holds the torso in a safe and supportive posture.
  • It reduces pressure on the spinal structures by unloading some of the weight and reduces the pressure on joints, discs, ligaments, and muscles.
Besides, a back brace also helps restrict painful movements that can be detrimental to healing. So PCore limits any micro-movements at certain spinal segments and relieves muscle tension, irritated joints, and improves mobility.

Conditions that improve with wearing a back brace

A back brace is a nonsurgical treatment option that helps relieve pain. So it plays a pivotal role in post-operative healing, where the brace helps reduce pressure on the spinal structures and limits movements and micro-motions. Therefore patients suffering from conditions like isthmic spondylolisthesis and osteoarthritis may benefit from using a rigid back brace, as it helps decrease the amount of vertebral slippage and reduces pain. It also limits the painful micro-motions and reduces pressure on certain facet joints. Speak to one of us at Primekinetix to buy our best-selling back brace for lower back pain in Miami. PCore is #1 Miami lumbar back brace made with breathable mesh and an adjustable support pad. Our Miami lumbar support is lightweight and helps treat a variety of pain-related conditions. Plus, all our products are affordable and come in a variety of different sizes for optimum comfort. Our large back brace for pain helps treat spinal stenosis, muscle tension, strain, etc.