Depression And Exercise

So you don’t think it works? Just try it!

So you don’t think it works? Just try it!The persistent feeling of sadness or loss of interest that characterizes major depression can lead to a range of behavioral and physical symptoms. These may include changes in sleep, appetite, energy level, concentration, daily behavior, or self-esteem. Depression can also be associated with thoughts of suicide.

The Light:

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We might not have a money tree, but we can have a happiness tree. Dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins are the quartet responsible for our happiness. Many events can trigger these neurotransmitters, but rather than being in the passenger seat, there are ways we can intentionally cause them to flow. Start an exercise program even if you just carve out a time to go for a walk make it daily. Try to get a good belly laugh daily even if you have to watch a comedy show. Get sunlight this energizes the body.


Take negative words out of your vocabulary.

Take this short quiz and find out if you are prone to stress:1. Do you feel like you’re struggling emotionally and mentally day-to-day? Sometimes Usually No

2. Are you having unexplained aches and pains? Sometimes Usually No

3. Do you feel afraid to talk to someone about your feelings? Sometimes Usually No

4. Do you feel like no one understands you? Sometimes Usually No

5. Are you experiencing some of these symptoms of mania? (Click all that apply) Excessive irritability or aggressive behavior Heightened mood or exaggerated optimism and self-confidence Decreased need for sleep without experiencing fatigue Grandiose thoughts or inflated sense of self-importance Racing speech or racing thoughts and flight of ideas Impulsiveness or poor judgment and distractibility Reckless behavior Delusions and hallucinations.

6. Are you experiencing some of these symptoms of depression? (Check all that apply.) Significant changes in appetite and sleep patterns Prolonged sadness or unexplained crying spells Irritability or anger and worry Pessimism or indifference Loss of energy and persistent lethargy Feelings of guilt and worthlessness Inability to concentrate and indecisiveness Inability to take pleasure in former interests or social withdrawal Unexplained aches and pains Recurring thoughts of death or suicide

7. Do you feel like you’re the only one experiencing these symptoms? Sometimes Usually No

8. Do you have a child, spouse, or loved one experiencing these symptoms? I think so Yes No

9. Do you want to ask questions about depression and bipolar disorder but may feel embarrassed? Sometimes Usually No

10. Are you looking for more information about depression or bipolar disorder? Yes No

Try not to be overcome with sadness but overcome sadness with laughter: