Conditions Treated By Power Palm:

Aching, sore, tight, knotted, painful, junked up, kinked up, atrophied muscles are all prime targets for the power palm.   Any muscle of your body that you would like a massage performed on is prime target points for the power palm to be used.  

 Many times certain tight muscles will cause pain in other areas of the body.  Many times certain tight muscles will cause the opposing muscle to shut off and be unable to properly activate.  These are both prime targets for the power palm.

Many times muscles become sore or aching from training hard, overuse, or new activity…  These are prime targets for the power palm.

Many times there are  specific diagnosis of issues such as shoulder impingement syndrome, winged scapula, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, piriformis syndrome, IT band syndrome, shin splints etc…. These are  all prime targets for the power palm.

Many times muscles just need maintenance work in the form of manual therapy…. These are prime targets for the power palm.

 Regarding professionals in the healthcare industry:  any therapist, doctor, trainer, or other professional that performs varying types of manual therapy can enhance any and all manual hands on therapy to an entirely new level.  Be incorporating this therapy tool into their current therapy programs and increasing results, as well as, minimizing recovery time, treatment time, and maximizing their results.

Any individual that has experienced the power palm will testify that 2 minutes of this therapy can be more effective than 30 minutes of traditional therapies.  We have seen immediate results in clinics, gyms, and athletic fields.   

How electric massage therapy works:

Electric massage therapy works by incorporating the traditional form of seek and destroy tightness and knots of massage and adds the relaxing electrical frequencies to the massage thereby maximizing results.  When the correct frequencies are used in combination with traditional forms of massage, the patient/client experience goes through the roof.   The therapist’s thumbs, fingers, and wrists are also relieved of much pressure that is typically incurred in massage sessions.

Professional use: 

When using electric massage (Power Palm) the therapist will seek the tension by using their fingers and thumbs.  When the tension is palpated, then the palm is to be worked along the