About us

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The roots of PrimeKinetix™ lie in the rich rehabilitative therapy history of the PosturePerfector™ LLC, the brands parent company. Founded as The PosturePerfector ™ In 2011 by Gabriel Burrell, an advanced rehab specialist, personal trainer, and professional strength coach. The company started out producing the PosturePerfector ™ product line.

Over the years, with extensive development, innovation, and customization the PosturePerfector ™ has now become the PostureMedic™ and is in its 3rd generation of product line advancements and improvements. The PostureMedic™ is now the number one posture training tool in clinics and all of America as well as Australia, the UK, and Canada.

PrimeKinetix has now expanded to launch additional revolutionary product lines including Myoballs, the Pcore Magnetic Heat Back Belt, and most recently MyoStim. PrimeKinetix ™ is pleased to bring you the most cutting edge tools for physical pain relief and support with our unique, revolutionary, and custom product lines.