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“I served in the first Gulf War and had a thousand-pound rocket drop on top of me.

With repeated back surgeries and continuous alternative methods like meditation, massage, icing, heating, stretching, gravity chair, pain medications, and a number of different types of back braces I had yet to find something to provide me with some pain relief. That is until I came across Dave who was at a booth talking Because of this product.

The instant he placed the product on and I tightened the strap, I felt an enormous relief of pressure on my spine and in turn felt pain relief! At last, BaxMax Natural Back Pain someone has designed a product for those that suffer from chronic back pain.

I cannot thank you enough and tell you how much this has helped me! I am not affiliated in no way with this company, but I am now a firm believer and supporter of what this company is doing and has done for me.

Getting even an hour of pain relief has provided me with a better quality of life. This has surely changed my life, Thank you!!!”

– Brian – Trenton, MI

“I have had low back pain for most of my life. I am an ironworker and the stress and physical nature of my job sometimes make my pain level intolerable. the BaxMAX is definitely the best product I have used for pain relief.”
– Joe M – Gary, IN

“I was in a car accident 13 years ago and fractured my lower lumbar. After 3 surgeries, physical therapy, and hundreds of doctor visits, the BaxMAX is the only thing I found that gives me consistent relief.”
– Reginald S – Indianapolis, IN

“I was taking pain meds almost every day for about 10 years to help me deal with my back pain. We tried the BaxMAX at a festival and couldn’t believe how it instantly took the pain away.
Tell everyone, I know about it now!”

– Mary C – Chesterfield, MI

“I injured my back as a young man while lifting a steel I-beam. Now I have suffered episodes of BaxMax Natural Back Pain lower back trouble ever since. Severe episodes usually occurred about twice a year and would require a week of bed rest to recover and several trips to the chiropractor.

This cycle continued for decades. I recently suffered an episode that lasted well over a month with no relief no matter what I tried. BaxMax Natural Back Pain pain was unbearable. An over the counter brace worn 24-7 brought no relief, so could hardly get out of bed, stand, or walk.

My Believe

I believed it was time for surgery. Therefore was surfing the web in desperation and found your ad. So I decided by me to place an order feel I had nothing to lose but money. To be honest, I was completely skeptical and had little hope the brace would help me.

I received my BAXMAX a few days later. The brace is super lightweight, simple to put on and adjust. The results were immediate. In short, no more back pain. I could stand and walk the second I put it on. I was pain-free for the first time in over a month.

Bottom line, your product works! It’s a prayer come true. I can finally look forward to a good night’s sleep pain-free. I CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH.”

– James T.- Lohman, MO

“I found that riding my Harley long distances to be a very painful experience. With the BaxMAX I can ride as long as I want to pain-free.”

– Keith D. – North Branch, MI

“I am an ER nurse and am on my feet all day. I threw my back out last year after lifting a patient and ever since I have been dealing with the pain. The BaxMAX helps me make it through my 12-hour shifts. Thank you!”
– Delores H. – Canton, OH